Zoom session - Module Feedback:

Dear sir

I found the module entirely very helpful which includes real scenarios and videos. I would suggest the clinical video stations too recorded and presented if it could be possible to learn how people perform and present cases; you as a examiner comment / critiques on it. The development stations too can be recorded like these scenarios in near future. 

Dr AB. 27 Aug 2019

Dr Elnazeer Elthani - on facebook -

"Anil Garg it's an excellent and readable MRCPCH clinical book. I would highly recommend it for both as start book as well as a quick review. Well done dr Anil".

Dr Lawahiz Ali - on facebook - MRCPCH Clinical Prep

"Excellent book." MRCPCH Clinical Examination - A Practical Guide

Dr Dipankar Mondol ,January 2018

Thank you so much for such a good course. Helped a lot to clear many doubts. Looking forward to the clinical once theory parts are cleared.

Dr. Arundhati January 2018

The classes were really good and informative... Organization was good.Thankyou all Faculty members..

Dr Rama Manna,January 2018

Thank you. These 3 days exhaustive classes were really good. Got good idea about the preparation. Thanks to all the faculties for giving your valuable time for us. And lastly urmila ma'am thanks for such good organizations and good food. Never felt hypoglycemic. Thanks a lot.

Dr Abir Banerjeee , December 2016

Its my honour to get a chance to write a feedback for such an awesome course conducted by the renowned doctors who all have experience of working in NHS UK.
I am so much grateful to the organisers without whom I could never ever manage to pass in my first attempt.

I am a Paediatrician practicing in suburban area of Kolkata & so entirely away from the academic stuffs.Having seen the poor pass rate of the MRCPCH Clinical examination I really had doubts whether I would ever pass the exam.I swear I really couldnt , had I not joined the course.They made the entire scenario so lucid & so clear that I could atleast hope that I might pass someday.
Having attended for only 3 days I could feel the change within myself & got ample of ideas where I needed to stress for success.


We doctors who have passed from Indian Medical Colleges are mostly not aware about the system how a patient should be approached, examined & presented for MRCPCH Clinical types of exam.Probably thats the major cause of poor success rate.The course made things so much clear that I could atleast give it a try with confidence & could pass too in my first attempt.

My special thanks goes to Dr.Saumen Meur for his extra help beyond the course hours.

Furthermore,I am short of my words to tender my gratitudes to Urmila Pillai Maam.I do acknowledge that I will remain indebted to Dr.Urmilla Pillai Maam forever,without her active & sincere help , passing the exam would have remained a dream only forever.

Thus, it goes without saying that this course is simply superb & a must to attend for every MRCPCH Clinical aspirants.

My best wishes for all the organiser for making it a more bigger platform in days to come.You people are undoubtedly excellent & a true teacher indeed.Keep it up !!

DR KRISHNA (CHENNAI) December 2016

I am very happy that I was able to attend the course.Very dedicated ,energetic and highly intellectual faculty members.They were always willing to help, with a pleasant approach and strived at improving us.Small group which was also divided , so we had individual attention.

Very nice approach to historytaking, communication and clinical stations.Roleplaying by the faculty members for all the stations was excellent.Learnt a very nice approach especially in a non cooperative child in development station and possible questions to anticipate, which most of the candidates would not be familiar with.

learnt the clinical examination methods and the tips like looking around the bed for clues
To the highlight ,we were taught to think the possible cases even before touching the patient and to shortlist by only observation.It was one of the best exam tips.It really reduced the anxiety and saved time in the exam.

We were able to see and discuss a good variety of clinical cases in a short time.
We were also allowed to examine children in the OPD and in the hospital which was an additional benefit.

We had a nice interaction with Dr Garg and his guidance and motivation was great
We were also able to see variety of Video cases.

Efforts taken for the Mock exam with excellent cases was remarkable. We had a real feel of the exam with the right feedback.
It is really a trustworthy and wonderful course and would recommend for all the MRCPCH aspirants.


Dr JI, Chennai, September 2014

I had to leave a bit early to catch my flight so i could not thank you personally. The course was conducted very well and the pattern of dividing into two groups was very helpful . I will definitely recommend all my colleagues who are appearing for Mrcpch to take your course at least once. Thanking you once again for the excellent training programme.                       .

Dr. SB, New Delhi, January 2014

I am Dr. SB- who attended the calcutta coaching session in dec 2013 for the clinicals. I am pleased to inform you that I could pass the examination in New Delhi in Jan 14

Dr SE, Kuwait, November 2013

In a nut shell, we are happy and more confident after the course....I could able to see autism, ataxic CP, Cushingoid features, Marfanoid with joint hyper mobility, Pulmonary stenosis, Tuberous sclerosis..lots of other cases too. Much appreciated Sir.

Dr SB, Kuwait, February 2014

I sincerely thank you and your team for helping us in attaining this success.  We were very lucky that we could get a one to one training there which had definitely boosted our confidence and knowledge".